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IRAN: Saghar/Vicky

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hi Saghar

Glad you enjoyed your new year’s holiday. We also have a holiday coming up in the UK – it’s Easter (well, in the Christian calendar anyway) break this weekend. The end of this week, 14 April, is Good Friday – and if I remember my bible teachings, I think it’s the day Christ/Jesus rises from his grave – and you’re not supposed to eat meat that day, but fish. (I think it’s something to do with the body of Christ, but I can’t be entirely sure as I didn’t go to church as much as I should have done as a child.) Anyway, I think this tradition still holds strong in Britain where Fridays tend to be a day for eating fish, and I remember at school, we always used to eat fish and chips for our lunch on Fridays!

Do you know, we had a lucky escape that this Friday is 14 April and not 13 April – in Britain, if the thirteenth day of any month lands on a Friday, it’s incredibly unlucky. If you’re superstitious by nature, you tend to avoid walking under ladders (in case something falls on your head!), or just be very, very careful in everything you do that day. But at least that’s just one day – if you break a mirror, you can expect some 7 years of bad luck. It’s all ludicrous really – do you have any beliefs in Iraq which can be considered irrational, or maybe a bit silly, yet some people still buy into them even though they know better?

OK, I digress. Sunday 16 April is Easter Sunday for Christians in the UK, and on that day, we eat a load of chocolate eggs – or rather, chocolates and tonnes of it. In fact, I’ve got head start and I’m munching on some maltesers (malt covered in chocolate; they’re divine!) as I write. In the old days, people also used to go on Easter egg hunts where chocolate shaped like eggs are hidden in gardens for people to find and eat.

Also, we eat hot cross buns in the run up to Easter. This is just sweet bread with currants and sultanas inside and criss-crossed into quarters with 2 lines of pastry – hence the ‘cross buns’. I can’t really think why we eat a lot of chocolate and hot cross buns on Easter Sunday, but I think the egg is supposed to symbolise ‘life’ – and again if I’d gone to bible classes I could tell you more about that; I suspect it’s to do with the body of Christ. I’m now going to have to research this as I suddenly feel inadequate – I guess I appreciate the consumerism side and rarely consider the biblical implications.

I was trying to draw parallels between our Easter celebration and some of the ritual you described in your new year celebration, but failed miserably.

Thank you, it’s very kind that you hope I win an Oscar one day – I hope so too! You never know, something could happen at Cannes! My film Quietus is going to be showing at Cannes Shorts Corner – a section of the festival where producers, distributors and film industry professionals etc, go to if they want to find emerging filmmakers. Let’s hope one of them likes Quietus!

We’ve also got a screening of my film in London in May, and we’re expecting some well-known film production companies to attend. I’m very excited about that!

Yes, I’ll check out the Iranian short film festival – if I haven’t missed the deadline, I’ll send in my film. Maybe Quietus will be selected and then I’ll get a chance to visit Iran. Don’t worry, I don’t believe everything I read in the press – as controversial topics get great coverage in the media, it can sometimes lead to a confused perception of other countries and cultures.

Weather here is rain, rain and more rain – but then, we wouldn’t have April any other way.



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